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The Psychology of Money in 20 minutes

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This video was inspired by Morgan Housel’s amazing book “The Psychology of Money”

I hope this short video inspires you to put down your phone (and social media) for a few hours and go out and grab a copy of this book for yourself.

Check out Morgan Housel’s book here
📕The Psychology of Money

If you are more into Audiobooks, here is a link to that. You can get two of these books for free if you sign up for a free Audible trial with the link below.

🎧Grab The Psychology of Money audiobook here on an Audible trial with 2 free books

What is The Psychology of Money about?

You may think of money as just numbers, spreadsheets, math or an equation that needs to be solved, but the real financial decisions are made away far from calculators, around dinner tables - with ego, pride, fear and personal history.

The true nature of money is the dance between the cold arithmetic of a spreadsheet and human nature.

When it comes to money we are complicated creatures and financial success is not so much about how much you know but how you behave.

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Mind Trap decks


(00:00) Financial DNA (You aren’t Crazy)
(02:51) Compound Kings (Buffett’s dirty little secret)
(05:56) Pessimism & Money
(07:40) Two Forgotten Elements (A story)
(10:18) The Key to Happiness
(11:21) Tail Events
(15:02) Beyond Bling (True Wealth VS Being Rich)
(16:30) The Real Price
(19:13) Hedonic Treadmills (enough?)

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