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GENERAL CHEMISTRY explained in 19 minutes

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ALL OF PHYSICS in 14 Minutes:

Everything is made of atoms. Chemistry is the study of how they interact, and is known to be confusing, difficult, complicated...let's learn General Chemistry in under 20 Minutes.

This is not ALL of Chemistry, as fields like "Organic Chemistry" deserve videos of their own. But, this is the foundation, or "General Chemistry", which contains most concepts you need to know to understand other topics and fields of Chemistry.

This is a summary and revision of around 4 years of Chemistry you learn in school, with maybe some university level concepts sprinkled in the mix.
This video is a good summary for preparing for exams and finals. Maybe. Perhaps.

Now go learn all of Chemistry. And share this with your friends who suck at Chemistry

00:00 Intro
00:16 Valence Electrons
00:34 Periodic Table
01:24 Isotopes
01:34 Ions
01:47 How to read the Periodic Table
02:09 Molecules & Compounds
02:27 Molecular Formula & Isomers
02:53 Lewis-Dot-Structures
03:03 Why atoms bond
03:26 Covalent Bonds
03:37 Electronegativity
03:54 Ionic Bonds & Salts
04:25 Metallic Bonds
04:59 Polarity
05:37 Intermolecular Forces
05:51 Hydrogen Bonds
06:00 Van der Waals Forces
06:20 Solubility
06:46 Surfactants
07:00 Forces ranked by Strength
07:07 States of Matter
07:28 Temperature & Entropy
07:49 Melting Points
08:01 Plasma & Emission Spectrum
08:35 Mixtures
09:24 Types of Chemical Reactions
09:45 Stoichiometry & Balancing Equations
10:16 The Mole
10:46 Physical vs Chemical Change
11:05 Activation Energy & Catalysts
11:24 Reaction Energy & Enthalpy
11:42 Gibbs Free Energy
12:50 Chemical Equilibriums
13:15 Acid-Base Chemistry
13:41 Acidity, Basicity, pH & pOH
14:43 Neutralisation Reactions
14:56 Redox Reactions
15:18 Oxidation Numbers
16:01 Quantum Chemistry

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