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How does ballet convey narrative, emotion, and character? Dive into “The Sleeping Beauty” to see how a ballet creates its essential elements.


A baby cursed at birth. A fierce battle of good and evil. A true love awoken with a kiss. Since premiering in 1890, “The Sleeping Beauty” has become one of the most frequently staged ballets in history. So what makes this piece so beloved? And what exactly does ballet bring to this— or any other— story? Ming Luke shares what makes ballet the perfect medium for stories old and new.

Lesson by Ming Luke, directed by Visorama.

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In the third act of "Swan Lake", the Black Swan pulls off a seemingly endless series of turns, bobbing up and down on one pointed foot and spinning around and around and around ... thirty-two times. How is this move — which is called a fouetté — even possible? Arleen Sugano unravels the physics of this famous ballet move.

Lesson by Arlene Sugano, animation by Dancing Line Productions.

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Can you imagine a party where every movement and every visual detail were governed by a complex system of rules and procedures? For centuries, such rituals were commonplace for European nobility. And while they’ve gone out of fashion, we recognize the components under a familiar label: ballet. Jennifer Tortorello and Adrienne Westwood outline the history of this graceful and precise dance.

Lesson by Jennifer Tortorello and Adrienne Westwood, animation by Moran Barak Studio.

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You deserve better than Shein.

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There are countless articles and videos breaking down the abysmal labor practices, horrifying environmental toll, and overall mountain of waste produced by the fast fashion industry. Activists and even just large swaths of the general public have been raising the alarm about this for well over a decade, but it hasn’t stopped the rise of some of the worst offenders in the industry. For example, the ultra-fast fashion brand Shein has skyrocketed in value over the past five years largely due to their marketing success on TikTok. A lot of us know that fast fashion is bad, but the only way companies like Shein still thrive is if we convince ourselves otherwise and hit “add to cart” anyway. So why do we do it?

The answer is that e-commerce has completely warped our view of what items should cost and how long they should last (this includes and extends to our obsession with Amazon and two-day shipping). We’re moving through trends at an unprecedented pace and it’s doomed to get worse if we don’t adjust our buying habits and learn to slow down. Consumers are being manipulated, but we can do better.

Watch the video above to learn more, and don’t forget to check out the Vox article by Izzie Ramirez:

You can also watch the sister video to this one from last year on why everything is worse now:

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You can find Cora’s book and blog here:

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Hello everyone, Lesics is fightig for survival. If you can support us at Patreon, I would truly appreciate that -
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Sewing machines are mechanical marvels – here’s how they work. Get your first month of KiwiCo FREE at

If you’re looking for a molecular modeling kit, head to to try Snatoms – a kit I invented where the atoms snap together magnetically.

A huge thanks to Prof. Andy Ruina for suggesting this video topic, guiding us in the research, and giving deeply insightful notes.

Massive thanks to Noah Johnson and Tina Vines for teaching Derek how to chain-stitch, and letting us shoot with your embroidery machine! Please check out and if you're interested in seeing more of their gorgeous chain stitch embroidery.

Thanks to Denny Stanley and the whole crew at Las Vegas Props for building the large replica model of the sewing machine.

Parton, J. (1870). History of the Sewing-machine. Howe Machine Company, No. 38, N. Charles St.. --

Gregory, J. M. (2006). A History of the Sewing Machine to 1880. Transactions of the Newcomen Society, 76(1), 127-144. --

How America Spends Money: 100 Years In the Life of the Family Budget, The Atlantic --

Buckman, J. (2016). Unraveling the Threads: The Life, Death and Resurrection of the Singer Sewing Machine Company, America’s First Multi-National Corporation. Dog Ear Publishing.

Lewton, F. L. (1930). The servant in the house: a brief history of the sewing machine (Vol. 3056). US Government Printing Office. --

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Directed by Petr Lebedev
Written by Petr Lebedev, Derek Muller, Felicity Nelson
Edited by Trenton Oliver
Animated by Mike Radjabov, Fabio Albertelli and Jakub Misiek
Filmed by Derek Muller, Raquel Nuno, Gene Nagata and Taylor Cody
Additional Research by Gregor Čavlović
Produced by Petr Lebedev, Han Evans, and Derek Muller
Additional video/photos supplied by Getty Images and Storyblocks
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🎨 Master the Art of Analysis: 3 Steps to Understand Colour in an Artwork! 🌟Unlock the secrets of art and take your appreciation to the next level with our enlightening video! 🖼️✨In this video, we guide you through a step-by-step journey of colour analysis, helping you gain a deeper understanding of any artwork. Whether you're an art lover, student, or curious explorer, these four essential steps will transform the way you perceive and interpret art. 🧐📝0:19 1) Colour Schemes2:57 2) Colour Temperature3:58 3) Naturalistic or Unnatural Colours5:07 4) ApplicationImmerse yourself in the world of art and subscribe for more insights into the fascinating realm of creativity and expression. Art appreciation made easy! 🖼️🔍✨ #coloranalysis #artisticexpression #artlovers

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This is the world's largest construction project, and also one of the most controversial. NEOM, four letters that reflect the inordinate ambition of one country: Saudi Arabia. A huge region in the north-west of the country, where futuristic cities are due to spring up. The Line, Oxagon, Trojena, Sindalah and other new locations that was unveiled recently: Leyra, Norlana, Sirana and Aquellum. But between the 3D images and reality, how far advanced is the work? That's what we're going to find out today, in this new episode of Looking 4.

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Some images come from Discovery Channel France, Neom, Arte, Noxfilm, France 24, devinsupertramp , Afalula, Riyadh Expo 2030, Urbana, Top Luxury, many thanks to them!

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#construction #architecture #neomcity #thelinecity

00:00 Why is NEOM built?
02:10 Leyra
03:29 Epicon
04:30 Sirana
04:46 Norlana
04:56 Aquellum
05:20 Utamo
05:55 Riyadh world expo
07:44 Sindalah
09:16 Neom Community 1 & 2
09:35 The Line
10:39 Oxagon
11:30 Trojena

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Flexible Buildings: The Future of Architecture | Engineering Documentary

World's Tallest Tower: Burj Khalifa - Dubai's Vertical City:

Never before have there been so many people on Earth. The new world creates new challenges for us living together, one of the biggest being the infrastructure in the world we live in.

How can we ensure that the cities anonomyzing and isolating its inhabitants become places of encounter again? How can we use technology to create new spaces in areas where there is no space left? How can sustainable construction revolutionize the construction industry? - In the search for answers, the documentary presents current concepts and implementations from the core disciplines of architecture, development of building materials, and urban design.
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#freedocumentary #documentary #flexible Buildings
Free Documentary is dedicated to bringing high-class documentaries to you on YouTube for free. With the latest camera equipment used by well-known filmmakers working for famous production studios. You will see fascinating shots from the deep seas and up in the air, capturing great stories and pictures from everything our beautiful and interesting planet has to offer.

Enjoy stories about nature, wildlife, culture, people, history and more to come.