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THE LINE is Growing FAST! Construction Update 2024

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This is the world's largest construction project, and also one of the most controversial. NEOM, four letters that reflect the inordinate ambition of one country: Saudi Arabia. A huge region in the north-west of the country, where futuristic cities are due to spring up. The Line, Oxagon, Trojena, Sindalah and other new locations that was unveiled recently: Leyra, Norlana, Sirana and Aquellum. But between the 3D images and reality, how far advanced is the work? That's what we're going to find out today, in this new episode of Looking 4.

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00:00 Why is NEOM built?
02:10 Leyra
03:29 Epicon
04:30 Sirana
04:46 Norlana
04:56 Aquellum
05:20 Utamo
05:55 Riyadh world expo
07:44 Sindalah
09:16 Neom Community 1 & 2
09:35 The Line
10:39 Oxagon
11:30 Trojena

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