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Generative AI in a Nutshell - how to survive and thrive in the age of AI

13 Viewsยท 04/27/24

Basically a full day AI course crammed into 18 mins of drawing & talking. Target audience: Everyone.

Covers questions like What is generative AI, how does it work, how do I use it, what are some of the risks & limitations. Also covers things like autonomous agents, the role of us humans, prompt engineering tips, AI-powered product development, origin of ChatGPT, different types of models, and some tips about mindset around this whole thing.

Here is the full drawing:

Voice translations:
- German:
- Ukrainian:

Would you like to make a voice translation? ElevenLabs can do really voice translation which even sounds like me :)
You can also do a manual dub with your own voice if you prefer. Whatever works best.
1. Check out
2. Make the video & upload it to youtube or somewhere.
3. Make sure the description shows that this is an AI translation, and include a link to the original video.
4. Send a link to me (for example via a comment) and I'll add it above.

If you have practical questions you can ask Stefan Kirschnick, he made the German dub.

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