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How do Video Game Graphics Work?

14 Views· 04/11/24

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Have you ever wondered how video game graphics have become incredibly realistic? How can GPUs and graphics cards render such incredibly detailed scenes? Well, in this video we're going to explore how just a bunch of data in your computer gets turned into realistic graphics. Additionally, we'll take a quick look into Ray Tracing, DLSS or Deep Learning Super Sampling, and many other complicated aspects of video game graphics.

We at Branch Education love to play video games, so this video has been one of our favorite ones to make thus far. It's kind of like getting to look under the hood of your childhood car. Also, it was surprising that practically all video games use similar basic steps to render each frame. Furthermore, as a fun fact, to create this video our team used 1x 3090ti, 3x 3090s, and the model that we tore down was a 3090.

There are just sooooo many topics in the realm of computer graphics that we couldn't cover. If you're interested in part 2 where we'll cover things like UVs, Normal Maps, Shadows, Reflections, Specular Reflections, and much more, tell us in the comments.

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Table of Contents:
00:00 - Video Game Graphics
01:11 - Graphics Rendering Pipeline and Vertex Shading
04:16 - Video Game Consoles & Graphics Cards
05:06 - Rasterization
06:51 - Visibility Z Buffer Depth Buffer
10:03 - Pixel Fragment Shading
11:35 - The Math Behind Pixel Shading
14:05 - Vector Math & Brilliant Sponsorship
16:11 - Flat vs Smooth Shading
17:25 - An Appreciation for Video Games
17:58- Ray Tracing
18:45 - DLSS Deep Learning Super Sampling
19:06 - GPU Architecture and Types of Cores
20:06 - Future Videos on Advanced Topics
20:24 - Outro for Video Game Graphics

Key Branches from this video are: How do JPEGs Work? How does Computer Hardware Work?


Animation: Mike Radjabov, Prakash Kakadiya, Teddy Tablante
Script: Teddy Tablante
Twitter: @teddytablante
Modeling: Mike Radjabov, Prakash Kakadiya
Voice Over: Phil Lee
Sound Design:
Sound Effects and Music Editor: Raúl Núñez
Supervising Sound Editor and Mixer: Luis Huesca

Animation built using Blender 4.0.1

The most important resource for making this video was Cem Yuksel [ ] a professor in the School of Computing at the University of Utah. His online course on computer graphics and interactive graphics was incredibly useful.

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