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How a Jet Airliner Works

11 Views· 04/15/24

Take a thorough look inside a modern jet passenger aircraft. Electronics, hydraulics, flight control surfaces, fuel system, water and waste, lighting, and more!

How a Jet Engine Works: O'Neal - Modeling, animation, texturing, vfx, music, narrative scriptWesley O'Neal - Research, technical scriptPATREONHelp us keep making videos: WORKNeed 3D illustration and animation? Let's chat: Animagraffs' work for your own purposes more explanations of how things work: USEDWe use Blender 3D to create these models. It's free and open source, and the community is amazing: Intro0:15 Airframe03:43 Windows04:17 Doors05:30 Wings and flight control surfaces06:30 Secondary flight control surfaces08:10 Landing gear10:16 Engines11:04 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)12:14 Fuel15:21 Air management16:20 Anti-ice and fog16:55 Electrical17:58 Hydraulics19:52 Water and waste21:19 Emergency systems23:46 Crew areas24:36 External lighting and antennas

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